MeJoão Pedro Pianta
My Story

As a kid, I remember sitting next to my dad at night, fascinated by his job. The ability to create things out of code lines connected with me as a paint-brush connects to an artist. When I was about 10, I remember trying to write my first programs in Java. Finishing up my calculator was something I will never forget.

Starting college, I was always ahead of the class, reading 5 chapters of the book in advance of every class, so I could solve the problems with some new unique technique I've just learned.

As the years went by, the problems got trickier. The industry made me adapt myself, learn new things; and if my teammates ask me how I learn so fast, I just say that I believe I love this more then anybody else.

Software Engineer @ Microsoft

Still too soon to talk about it, but excited about the future.

Software Engineer Intern @ SAP

Frontend development of a graphical designer for SAP Data Hub. The product uses a drag & drop interface to add visual components connected to streaming data in order to create dashboards. The components could be 2D and 3D, support Virtual Reality as well. The development was made using TypeScript, ThreeJS, and AureliaJS.

Mentor @ TDC 2019

Mentor in the Inspire Project. The purpose of the project was to teach low-income teens about the opportunities available in the tech industry, how to make the most out of it, and share overall life and career experiences. Even though I was a mentor, I have never learned so much in such a short amount of time with those people.

Nice Recent Projects
Covid Charts

A page that helps users to analyze real time COVID-19 data in charts, allowing them to compare the growth of the virus in different countries. Check it out here!

COVID-19 Analysis

A page that I've written with Albertine Weber and Sebastian Goncalves as a real-time analysis on their paper "Trend analysis of the COVID-19 pandemic in China and the rest of the world". Check it out here!